Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kampar Tragedy !!!

Less than 2 weeks time, 6 lives had been gushed away.. 3 loss their lives in Sungai Kampar due to failure of suspension bridge and another 3 undergraduate have their last breath while swimming at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall. We here silent for a moment to pay a respect to all the victims.

Batu Berangkai....Quite nice...

Sungai Kampar..

Ok, back to the point...As my fren said " Kampar is no longer famous with Chicken Biscuits but infamous with DROWNING river and waterfall" Is that really true??? If like this, a business opportunity have come, A TOUR TO LIVE TAKING RIVER (Sg Kampar) AND WATERFALL (Batu Berangkai)... I think will work. I knw some of you will think " Sei Pokkai ar, this also can think out ". Well in this world, we must grasp every opportunity that we have...HAHAHA

Personally, i never when to Sungai Kampar before ( i mean the failure bridge there) but i went to batu berangkai before, that time with my family only manage to play around the shallow water and also my parents also have a STRICT WARNING to me "You go to waterfall play la, if i find out, i will break your leg" due to this threathening warning, i never step my foot near the waterfall area anymore...

For your information, think most of the kamparian will know that Batu Berangkai had drowned many people before this incident. Due the recent Sungai Kpr incident only attracted many media consent on this matter.

Hope everybody will be more caution while playing around water area since this is a raining month....

p/s: I think playing water at wash room will be save enuf gua....dunno kampar chicken bread will be effect by this both incident or not le..


  1. qUoTe my sayings???? HaHaHa~

    aCTUaLLy BEing a kampaRian, im noT sURE iF i'VE BEEn To BaTU BERangkai BEFoRE anoT... =p

  2. i think im like pui yee... aint sure whether i've been there or not..

  3. really attracted a lot of media...they came to hosp kampar mortuary to snap the family member's photo. they said among the undergrad, the girl victim is the most pity one..her face was sort of destroyed as a result of kena the rocks

  4. pui yee & neoh: you both should go n look look lo..later ppl ask about that you also can bluff bout it ma...

    engchi: every victim is pity ....anyway..may their soul can rest in peace.

  5. engchi: yerrrr, keikei u manage the mayat? i dun wan to near u anymore,mane tau rupanya dia always bersama samamu...

  6. nobita : no worry la, her mother gave her the aura of protection since she was born

  7. wat is that aura of protection? got post mortem for the victims ma...they oso call bec the soul at rumah mayat hosp kampar

    dunola...every said gal is the most pity. most of the staffs that saw the body

  8. i Think, This Wrong,
    Is not Kampar River,
    you know Kampar River In Sumatera Island, Not In Malaysia.so Do not Speak againt Kampar,