Sunday, November 15, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

About my thought on Twilight movie, last time i don't know what this movie all about before i watched it, i thought maybe just some same lousy Love movie. Eh, but after watched for 15min, started to enjoy the movie cause all this movie is about Vampire.

For this Twilight saga, actually i don't know how the sequence of this story goes cause i never READ (somehow this Twilight got 4 sequence and each book is FU*KING thick..GOSH) so it is better that i only watch the movie.

I like this Twilight saga cause i want to know/ study more on Western Vampire with Eastern (Chinese Vampire), they are very different. Western vampire only can run walk talk dun afraid sunlight while eastern only can jump can be stop by using paper stick to their head. Plus in this twilight sequence got a additional wolfman, i bet it will be more interesting. If i am the writer of Twilight i will put something like this:-

This should be awesome.....

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