Sunday, November 22, 2009

How long you want to ERECT?

I got a friend, Ms. Tomato (sorry, i cannot reveal here identity here cause she said if i link her with this she will kill my father mother and burn my flat) very interested friend. When she is around we sure gain a lot of information about PILL.

Before i met her, i only know though that only have Viagra to help erection. But i after got the information from Ms. Tomato, she said that Viagra can help men to get Erect or effect for 4 hours while Cialis (the pill she always talk) can erect for 36 hours.



Friend 36 hours of effect (1 and a half day), means after you took the pills, you can erect anytime in that 36 hours. Something like this happened...

your undies will be unfit or tight for 36 hours

erection in working pants

this will happened

But try to not eat cialis when u will in a swimming suit or trunk if not this will happened


p/s: Hwee Wen Tomato, no ppl knw who are you now....nice...when you wanna give me some sample of cialis???


  1. LOL! i prefer not taking any of those -_-"

  2. hahahaha... medically, it's not a joking matter as it can be painful when it's too long a time... i saw in one of the tv series, Private Practice Season 3 (forgotten which episode), the guy had to get the blood drained simply by poking a needle into you-know-where... :P have a nice day..

  3. dear, u very geli n the pics very disgusting appetite to eat...