Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Have you ever tried that your shit already at the exit and you follow a turtle speed car....

Last Saturday, while i having dinner around Jalan 222 with Ms Pan to have my favourite Hokkien Mee at there..Suddenly perut sudah sakit, started only pinching pain.. the pain grew to something make you wanna BERAK...But i not used to OUTSIDE toilet le, and thought can TAHAN till back home only do the BIG Business, still can maintain the berak inside...

Wanna drive as possible to get back to home, and based on my calculation...i can make it if i can maintain my driving speed....The nightmare began, i follow few cars drove with makan angin speed..DIU LA... Overtook on, another one ahead...SHIT LO..REALLY SHIT THAT TIME...Shit almost at the exit dy..No CHOICE but nearest petrol station..luckily ada Caltex nearby...Without doubt, rush to the toilet as soon as i out from the car....


All seems to be on time, if not i think i need to get new pants..HAHAHAHA

p/s: so next time better drive faster, ppl behind you might rush to BERAK...hahaha... but be sure is SAFE..


  1. haha..
    i also dont like to tahan shit.. =P


  2. tat's wat i normally say to myself when some one delibrately overtake me crazily and dangerously fast.. "so fast for wat? wanna go shit is it?!"