Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beware for those who like to put their hand out of the car's window!!!

This is a true incident. 10 years ago, my dad was hospitalized due to back problem. There was a young guy same ward with my dad. That guy gone his right arm, the WHOLE ARM. I asked my dad what happened to that guy.

Here the story, that guy was driving somewhere ulu near ipoh. It was night and that guy was smoking, normally they put their hand holding the cigarette outside the car. Suddenly a lorry from another direction passed him, and he remembered go some sound coming from behind too. After awhile when he try to get another puff, he noticed that his right arm not with him. Before that he felt no pain..At that him only he noticed he lost his right arm and started to feel the pain. Luckily he managed to call the ambulance himself and the hospital staff told him that they found his arm 5 km away from the place he noticed that he loss his arm.

So dear driver cum smoker, please becareful when you trying to put your arm outside our car if unlucky your arm maybe be the stray dogs supper. BECAREFUL...and also the children head too...

even worst...got eaten by crocs....


p/s: is kinda upset if you loss your right arm, cause you maybe need to start learn how to masturbate with the other hand...HAHAHAHA