Wednesday, October 14, 2009

问米 - Talk with the dead

In chinese culture or belief, when someone passed away and after 100 days the family member or someone close with the deceased need to 问米 (man mai). 问米 is a process where we communicate with the spirit of the deceased through a medium. Why need to 问米??? and from what i knw is that 问米 will unlock the spirit which is locked before 问米. Why is locked?? i dunno....Are what this 问米 is genuine ?? i also dunno...

What I knw is that, even the medium got their own name card...see

问米 also had their own name card...

The world is changing now... really "Wan Sik Kan Nan" (cari makan susah)


  1. Wah... canggih ah now... All become business minded already...XD
    Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads oredi... ^^

  2. gaylou: mayb got blog too le....

    kennee: thanks

  3. seon, u help them implement 1 la.. send ur porposal to them mayb u also can make money!

  4. maybe next time they can conduct the "mun may" through the telecomunication, so no need susah pergi jauh jauh cari ...haha

  5. why they call it 问米? "ask the rice" arr? in drama i always remember lo lan became the mun may po... hit hit the table with the rice scattered on it! hahaha~ then her eyes would be like 'fan bak ngan'... wahahaha~ xD

  6. jackie:nice suggestion...i think i will extend my proposal to them...

    soontak: you interested in this mo?

    pui yee: dun watch so many movie la...cheat ppl

  7. seon: if i am unemployment, maybe i will choose mun may as my career? hahah