Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surrogates Movie Review

Just back from Surrogates movie @ Tropicana Mall, watched 915pm show. This time i not watching alone cause accompanied by Ms Pan FINALLY (this time i reconfirm twice before buying the tickets).

Here the synopsis from

The filmmaking trio behind the hit sci-fi sequel Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines re-team to explore a future in which humans live in isolation while only communicating with their fellow man through robots that serve as social surrogates and are better-looking versions of their human counterparts. Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent who enlists the aid of his own surrogate to investigate the murder of the genius college student who invented the surrogates. As the case grows more complicated, however, the withdrawn detective discovers that in order to actually catch the killer he will have to venture outside the safety of his own home for the first time in many years, and enlists the aid of another agent (Radha Mitchell) in tracking his target down. Jonathan Mostow directs co-screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato's adaptation of the graphic novel by author Robert Venditti and illustrator Brett Weldele. [D-Man2010]

In the near future, humans live in isolation and only interact through robotic bodies that serve as surrogates. When several humans are murdered when their surrogates are destroyed, a cop (Bruce Willis) investigates the crimes through his own surrogate. After a near fatal encounter, the cop's surrogate is destroyed and forces him to bring his human form out of isolation and unravel a conspiracy behind the crimes. [D-Man2010]

Here's MINE summary:

Handsome Bruce Wills..

No Bare Boobs in this movie...

Same style like the Die Hard movie

Erm...tot this movie will contain a lot of big ACTION. End up a bit of disappointed. But the storyline is nice, i think more can be done in action part. This movie is quite similar with the iRobot, starred by Will Smith

I think our mankind present technology is almost to that level dy, where someday in the future the android will really replace the human dy just like what shown in this movie..I got a suggestion for this movie, why not have a sequence with Terminator 5: The rise of the Surrogates..Leng mo???

Rating: 6.5/10 (so-so..)


  1. so so only ar? I also thought of watching this...

  2. for me definitely so-so only...

  3. technology until this level soon?? then the 2012 movie should watch loh!!! cuz tht time will be more things happen (FIRE is the signal of the end of the day) wht bible say in Revelation.

  4. then i dun go watch lu.. watch pirated one better if no action scenes.. haha