Friday, October 30, 2009

Poker King Movie Review

Ok, as soon as i off from office, i straight when to Tropicana Mall to watch Jennifer's Body initially but VERY VERY FUCK, all the roads jammed...since cannot make it to watch Megan Fox then watch Poker King (HongkongMovie).

Poker King starred by Louis Koo and Lau Ching Wan, actually i quite like Lau CW acting maybe his facial expression very pro (this is a personal point of view)....

My summary of this movie:

I think this movie is very different with previous gambling type movies, cause this movie dun have very big boobs or sexy dressed lady in this movie or sohai sohai things. The storyline of this movie is quite different at least they got some quite interesting twist in the story lo.... the most important thing is tat there is no PEOPLE DIE (murdered) in the movie means no grudge things. Can relax relax n laugh n need to curse or fuck the characters of the movie. What i learned from this movie is HOW TO PLAY POKER least this will make me felt that my RM8 is well spent...HEHEHEHE

my rating: 7.0/10 (quite nice movie)

p/s: SHIT!!! i addicted to watch movie ALONE...SHIT SHIT SHIT...


  1. aiya... u tarak ajak me also...

  2. fren u sempat datang watch gar?

  3. now working at tropicana there... maybe sempat one. but tmr last day working there dy.

  4. work there or play there oh???watch jennifer's body better la...

  5. hahaha, sad bro i also went to watch the movie yesterday and it was totally funny !! haha when he slap the poker table!! haha nxt time ajak me go if you don't mind 2 guy =P

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