Monday, October 5, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

Conversation between two neighbour, NaJet (from Malaysia) and Lee HL (from Singapore)...

Kawan, i think malaysia the best many interesting place to visit..better than your singapore lo..

Lee HL: Friend, are you sure what you saying??? I knw Malaysia got a lot of place, but will it more interesting that Singapore mo!!!

NaJet: Ya la...Let we start from food...okok, 85% the cuisine style is almost the same but we got a lot of interesting place to eat...Have you ever eat at restaurant 300m above ground level and the restaurant will rotate it self where you can enjoy the whole view of KL which is the KL Tower le...Singapore have it mo??

Lee HL: HAHA....Singaporean kia su la... We sure got something like that...We can dinner in the ferris wheel,Singapore Flyer which 165m from the ground. Stunning le..

NaJet: Cheh....

Lee HL: When you at Singapore and you wan to feel the youthness in your inner self, you can go to visit Holland Village where all the clubbing kaki meet up.. KL got mo?

NaJet: Wah...u think KL paria...KL got Bukit Bintang la, the pubs and disco loss count la..too many and canot count..

Lee HL: Singapore got GEYLANG, heaven for men la...KL dun have le..

NaJet: Erm...erm... we got CHOW KIT...

Lee HL: Whoa....okok, we got art gallery like note and coins museum located in Terengganu street Singapore..

NaJet: In KL, we got Telephone museum ar...admission free le...located somewhere in Bangsar.

Lee HL: About landmark, we got the Proud and Breathtaking MERLION (an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish)

NaJet: In Kuching, we got Giant Cat Statue everywhere la..also nice what

Lee HL: What like that also consider ah...cannot cannot....

NaJet: What cannot ....Come la.. one by one... ......... In order to stop the fight between

NaJet and Lee HL (like what happening with Indonesian n Malaysia,fight for something useless) , so i should be given a chance to experience all the interesting places stated above, and here my suggestion 1 day planning
Hour - Activities 0600 - Wake Up, pee n poo 0700 - When to Tiong Bahru Market breakfast (sure when to hawker stall 1st ma) 0830 - Visit the Singapore Coins & Note Museum (educating ma) then go see MERLION and camwhore again 1000 - When to Clarke Quay for the Reverse Bungy Jump (must try la..piss on pant also nvm)

1230 - Lunch at Hooters lo...(yoyoyo)

1400 - Underwater World look shark and camwhore at there
1630 - After that go to Holland Village look look n see see ppl shop
1900 - Of coz when to Singapore Flyer for dinner lo....dinner while riding the ferries wheel
2030 - Free and easy, go somewhere happening n drink
0000 - before sleep must went to GEYLANG ..

Here is my final entry for the nuffnang blog award entry....Finally finish..


  1. hey, you create it yourself? it's great! i thought you picked it out somewher... haha

  2. pui yee, ah seon dun do plagiarism...hehehe

  3. good!
    if get the ticket n u not free to go.. dont forgot me... Jackie still alive~!