Sunday, October 25, 2009

EngChi gonna be Permanent Kampar Resident NOW!!!

Our fren Ms. EngChi had finished her Provisionally Registered Pharmacist a.k.a PRP which is compulsory for fresh graduated pharmacist. She had done her PRP previously in Hospital Ipoh and now she posted back to KAMPAR, and become a permanent resident at KAMPAR. Congratulation to Ms. EngChi, have you join the morning exercise classes?

I can imagine something like this:

early morning before work exercise

EngChi doing taichi

EngChi Swinging hand before work..

EngChi, KAMPAR needs someone like you.....Wish you all the BEST!!!

p/s: I think you also can think about the Persatuan Aunty Pasar Kampar..


  1. why the last pic, you attached engchi's head to an uncle??? lols~

  2. wey wey!
    jangan ingat i tak nampak!!!
    i tak mau kawan u baru u tau

  3. i havnt learn tai chi yet...too high standard. now just swing swing hand...
    ur 3rd photo not swing hand la, it kung fu. btw, y my hair look so fake?like a wig la

  4. i dunno how to cut nicely..haiz...i need to learn ..give me some time...

  5. seon: dun play play oo.later she become tai chi si fu, using her kung fu to handam u..