Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beware if you Withdrawn money from Bank...

Ok, during raya holiday, i went back Kampar for around 4 days. As a good son, i helped my mom to some bank stuff. As usual, need to take number and wait...and wait...and wait..., while waiting i notice one guy dress smart and he looked very familiar.He looked here and there, just like many people waiting their number being called. Me think and think and think again, that guy i saw him before in BALAI POLIS KAMPAR LOKAP (ok, pls dun think that i also at LOKAP, i not...i am a GOOD PERSON, i go to balai police to help my grandma make report over that bastard that abuse my grandma dog)

But ex-convict also can go bank de ma..That guy still keep on looked here and there, more and more suspicious..Then that guy went away after stand behind and looked here and there...In my opinion that guy is looking for his victim to withdraw money then do his business lo...That my personal thinking only, so all my fren out there, PLS BECAREFUL WHEN YOU WITHDRAWN MONEY FROM BANK...

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  1. Yalor... need to be careful and also best...act like gangster abit... they sure won't target you if you act like gangster... ^^
    Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here already... ^^