Monday, October 19, 2009

1Malaysia, can it be done?

(this entry may offense some of the readers, hope you guys don't mind, i only pointing out the truth that happened)

1Malaysia, a concept that introduce by our 6th Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abd Razak. Where 1Malaysia should have a meaning like this, "1Malaysia adalah satu gagasan bagi memupuk perpaduan di kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum, berteraskan beberapa nilai-nilai penting yang seharusnya menjadi amalan setiap rakyat Malaysia."

More can be found in this website,

Where 1 Malaysia concept stresses on PERPADUAN (unity) which is the key to becoming a Developed Country that what Wawasan 2020 all about. Here is my doubt, can 1 Malaysia concept can be implemented? Will 1 Malaysia a realization in future 10 years or more? Some of you should asking, why suddenly this dude posting this kind of things? Not scare ISA?

I can tell you that I'm damn scare about caught under ISA, and now i tell you why i wrote such blog today. It all happened this morning, i heard others converstation. here their conversation:

Miss A: Wah, minggu lepas rumah saya bising .....
Miss B: Kenapa??
Miss A: Orang main mercun, bising betul...
Miss B: Mestilah, Deepavali kan....
Miss A: Itu semua KELING, buat bising saja....Hari Raya CINA, pun belum bising macam itu!!!
Miss B: Tempat saya tu, itu orang india menari diluar sampai PAGI....Bising juga
Miss A: Kamu PATUT call POLIS kasi tangkap mereka semualah...Eh, itu KELING ...
Miss B: hmm.....

This conversation continue on others stuff then they continue with this again...

Miss B: Saya takut balik lewat la, gelap ...takut ragut ...
Miss A: Mestilah, KELING banyakkan....itu CINA, INDON, KELING...bahaya...

I decided not to pay attention on what they saying it out...

Keling (pronounced /kling/) is a word used to describe Indians or Hindus in Malaysia and Singapore, more specifically Malaysian Indian. It is now generally considered offensive by Indians, although it may often be used by other communities in Malaysia without any derogatory intention. (from wikipedia)

Ok, this KELING words, is used many times in their conversation, which quite offensed me althought i not an indian. I not trying to emphasis which race not comfortable with which race, but their mentality and thinking. Will 1 Malaysia concept can be archived in this kind of mentality? A BIG DOUBT...but I HOPE that in near future 1MALAYSIA can be archived...

(I hope the above won't cause any discomfort to you guys, SORRY , i just shown what is happening...this blog is uncomplete, cause i decidied not to give personal opinion in this matter )


  1. wel.. 1malaysian is a vision..
    whether it can be done or not, we'll see =)

  2. tell me the complete version in other mean of communication channel... =p

  3. I have the same hope too :) 1 Malaysia 1 bangsa. By the way, in Sarawak, we call them "kek leng nah" instead of keling :)

  4. any wise words from our friend, miss jacqueline?

  5. maybe our "politic analyst" friend, mr lam can tell us in details...

  6. ms jackie choose not to comment in tis matter..cause sometimes herself also using that word..hahaha

    Mr. Lam ST ( political sin kah)

  7. isk... im coming now~!!!
    cant on9 ma.. in company, cant comment in the blog...i think they block it.
    yaya.. last time i used to say that word until u remind i did not say.I think we did not taught wat is this words mean since small..become a norm..n another 1 word is add with 'hantu'..
    But, 1malaysia, possible?? haha
    Stm not just Miss A n B.. But other ppl will perceived other races in their own way.. like ppl used to say p** to refer ma**y..haha
    I think if Miss A n B in India and said this words, they will be pijak mati by the ppl there..hehe cos they have large population..

  8. did India ppl knw wat tat means?