Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Unbelievable (怪談 The Movie) Review

Finally i watched it today at Cathay Cineplex Damansara 5:50pm show... I can tell you that only FIVE (5) people in that cinema hall. Ok, this the second time i watch movie ALONE..

Something about this movie, 怪談 (guai tam) is a popular documentary show in hong kong where they talk about something eerie like voodoo, ghoul and spirit, deities, any many more... I had been watching this documentary for 2 years never miss one episode for the day i started to watch it.. Ya, i very interested in those supernatural stuff..

Ok, this movie is about all the outing scenes that they gathered many years and due to the censorship in television station, so they making it as a movie and they play all the scenes that cannot be played by TV station. They story mainly from Thailand and Malaysia..

Here the screenshot in TV documentary show (no in this movie)

Here the screenshot in this MOVIE...

I cant tell you, all played in this movie is REAL and no make up or whatever. I can tell you that this movie are not suitable for those who with fainted-heart... Got few scene in this movie make me feel wanna puke (fucking disgusting) ...GOSH...

If you want to go to watch this movie, try to find someone to accompany, this will be much better. Like today, i watched it alone...Very FUCK, since the hall is no much ppl, the air-cond is cold and freezing, and i always thinking that 'something' beside...FUCK...

Rating: 6.5/10 (due to camera angle..cause all the camera are handheld ..causing the picture move here and there...)


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  2. ^ spammer?

    ok dude.... lets go straight to the point. is this a cat3 movie? :p (well, most voodoo movie, etc from hong kong are cat3 movie)

  3. yes is a CAT3 movie, but malaysia make it to 'NOT' CAT3 scene dy....haiz, i think got one scene censored due to nudity.

    But some part of this movie is fucking disgusting..but the way, you cannot say that this is a movie, but more to documentary

  4. Lol I love this kind of movie. Anything fking disgusting, Im there haha.

  5. hey..seon! Alone again?? will u later have that kind of 'penyakit' = anti social??

  6. btw, forgot to ask u. why u go watch alone ar?

  7. gaylou: cause i watched it during working hour,hahaha that why i watched it alone lo..