Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Nuffnang's Office

Last thursday, i went to nuffnang's office to collect the Cheque T.Music Festival tickets. They putting a weird time to collect it, WORKING HOUR le... They working , me also working la...Anyway, i managed to come out la OFFICIALLY during working hours..HAHA.. Arrived there around KL around 430pm , the cars already piling up the road..HAIZ..Jammed 30 minutes to arrive THERE... luckily that got many parking space, if not even more POKKAI..

Not the ENTIRE building is their office la ..

Went up and collect my tickets, when enter the office which like this...

I can tell you, i only can see young people working there...really...Maybe there got age limit to work there..
(I think that building is a nice spot for ghost movie or horror movie shooting, with the dim light n spooky corridor...nice one)

Here the tickets....

One pair

This the concert...

Tonight show....Bukit Jalil

Get it from (i'm a frequent reader of that blog, thanks to tim).. Since i can't attend, then the GENEROUS me sure pass to someone else available...

p/s: after i collected the tickets, I JAMMED another 1hour 30min to back to office, the whole trip only 33km but took my 3 hours...HAIZ, HOW the KL PPL work?? .....


  1. 33km can go to ipoh from kampar loh....

  2. but 1h30 le....can bac to tapah dy

  3. uh... how come you always get movie tickets.. now concert tickets somemore... why u dun go de?

  4. engchi: u are rite...during the road bec, i keep on fuck fuck fuck y tat jam

    pui yee: just play play only somewhere else to go ...

    neoh: DOC..I FREN U SO LONG DY..why why wan to kill me?

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  6. pity for kl people la, go every where also have to jam for 1 hour at least...i'm glad that i'm stay in ipoh. but soon will going to kl T_T. u din watch the t music festival ? so many singer there...

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  8. thank you Seon for the tickets. enjoyed the show but i missed out the party with others at Library , sigh

  9. seon, u pergi mana which is more interesting n fun to go that the T-Music Festival?

  10. haha...pui yee, will post bout it later...hahhaha

  11. I jam when went to take Ticket at Nuffnang office too~~
    then my friend continue drive, I walk to Nuffnang office, wakakakak

    and It's raining at that time T.T

  12. mine too also raining....RAIN + jam = fuck