Monday, September 28, 2009

Trip to KL Skyscrapers...(Part 1)

Last Saturday, I and ms Pan woke up 630am purposely to rush to KL twin tower (Petronas twin tower) to get the free passes to visit the Skybridge.. Arrived there around 730am, i asked the police officer duty there:

Ah Moi from kampung....

Me: Encik, pukul berapa boleh ambil tiket ke jambatan?
Police: Erm, start pukul 830am
Me: Ok Ok...terima kasih ah...

Since arrived there still early, and not many people there...thought of getting a breakfast before when to take the passes...Finish breakfast around 8am, then when back Petronas Tower there starting to camwhore with Ms Pan lo...Around 830am, starting to feel something NOT RIGHT!!! What the HELL, the counter not open and no people queuing de??? (Many said that early in the morning already crowded with people to queue to get the free passes)


Forced to camwhore...

Then ask the officer again....then only knw that the counter is at lower ground of the tower...Then QUICK QUICK rush down lo...After when down there, FUCK...FUCK...FUCKKKKKK... Damn crowded already..i thinking around 200 - 300 people queuing dy...REALLY KNN the police officer said that start 830am ..THANKS TO HIM (he din give wrong information, he din tell us that the ticket collect at below only)

After queuing for 1hour 30min only managed to free passes which is 345pm ...GOSH..(they giving out the passes for free according first come first serve basis with time). While queuing for the passes, got an indonesian guy talk with me ..

indo : Kamu oreng Malaysia??
Me: Ya...Kamu..
indo : Saye deri JAKARTA....
Me : Oh...datang sini berapa lama?
indo : 6 hari....ini kali ke-2 saye dateng Petronas Tower Skybridge, dulu saye dateng sendiri, kali ine dengan keluarga....Kamu kali keberapa??
Me : Saya Kali pertama

KNN indo, made me feel damn awful that time...FUCK, CANOT 1st TIME GAR...

After queuing for 1hour, finally can see me dy..

Fuck, 945am with 345pm passes...really fuck...

After get the Skybridge passes...OF COZ when to KL TOWER lo, since there were fucking plenty of time..(Menara Kuala Lumpur)

to be continue...

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