Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya Party 1

Last weekend, Raya hari Pertama, our fren ms. Huey Wuen throw out a Raya Party. To celebrate she going to be a PHARMARCIST soon (SOMBONG). Start around 730pm, as usual, me of coz come late so that i don't have to build the stove, start the fire...HAHAHA (smart me!)..Arrived there around 9pm. Me go there only talk cock and listen other ppl talk cock. Here some pictures...

Fuck me no time, keep BBQ

Love Bird


Guess what that???

Card Game...Gosh **Very fuck card game**

Next time i will remember to PAY before i start to eat.....This is worst than ah long..

This what we called, CHU PENG KAU YAU...(Pig Buddy, Dog Friend)

You see, so happy seeing ppl caged...HAHA

Thanks ms huey wuen for the party, too BAD that Dr. NEOH and Mr.Wei JIE cannot join us, wish they are with us that time...HAIZ..


  1. DAMN sad la wei...... BBQ when i'm on call.

  2. gaylou: eat wat cock ar?

    dr.neoh: no worry, we still remember you ..