Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I BACKED Kampar yesterday...**VERY SUI**

Yesterday (Tuesday) i stayed overnight at KAMPAR...All started like this, i went to TAPAH land office to get some land title document but somehow found out that i need to go to IPOH to get the document. I at TAPAH around 400pm (then i called my boss about that) and i need to IPOH to get the document, for sure i cant rush to IPOH that time and only can be there next day (Wednesday). For me either i rush back office then 530pm (i off work) then rush to IPOH day after tomorrow (which is SOHAI) or 430pm i back Kampar i stayed overnight at my home then tomorrow morning went to IPOH.

I made a SMART decision which i back KAMPAR and had my ice kacang there...Suddenly my boss called me asked me where AM I during that time....That time me thing "LOK CHAT LO", the honest me told him the truth that i at KAMPAR that time..Luckily, he also said that me should stay at KAMPAR **sweat** that time.

p/s: i fucking tired today after a long journey drive and then found out that something FUCKING serious i left out and i need to get it done before tomorrow(Thursday) & I GOT SUMMON FROM MP SEPANG, CHARGING ME RM 300 FOR NOT PUTTING PARKING TICKET...VERY FUCK FUCKKKKKKK SUI....


  1. lol... ur boss probably scare that u damn stupid go back to kl then go to ipoh again... hahaha

    parking ticket more expensive than speeding ticket?

  2. kesiannya....loss RM300...tak ape assume u lost one time "prosecution" lo

  3. gaylou: i dunno the council got print wrongly or not..tat is TEDIOUS

    nobitak: prosecution??? cari ayam ar?