Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog's Life - Dollar...

My granny got a dog named Dollar, he is a cute and adorable doggy. He came into our family in year 2000 means he already 9 years old human years or approx. 49 years old dogs' year (get in from dogs' year conversion website) already. Please don't get me wrong, HE STILL ALIVE.. I can said that he very aggressive toward strangers,and he fucking strong.. usually we pulled the dog for a walk, but he is different, he pulled us for to walk.


Few few Months ago, Dollar abused by some bastards because that bastards saying Dollar barking disturb his son sleep. Dollar suffered a severe injury due to this kind of inhumane act, Dollar unable to walk and bark for the next few days after that incident. After a week or two, Dollar recovered. This doesn't stopped here, AGAIN, THAT BASTARDS come again and hit the CHAINED Dollar, this time, my granny woke up and confronted with him, that bastard using the same damn excuses said that Dollar's BARKING wake his son awake...But unfortunately, Dollar also injured too, Dollar's left eye swelled until cannot see his eye ball. Pity.

My grandma, cannot tolerate toward this kind of inhumane act, she made a police report. Like normal, police don't take this kind of case seriously. AGAIN, that bastards came again and hit the same spot on Dollar's eye. This HITTING incident repeated around 5 or 6 times, the last time is the day before my Grandpa passed away. That time, my uncle caught that bastard RED HANDED hitting Dollar and again confronted with him, even some neighbours around my granny house also came out to talk with that BASTARDS.. Till now, no further action from that BASTARDS...

Blinded Dollar

Poor little doggy

But that too late , Dollar already LOSS his left eye sight due to inhumane action... Dollar now have phobia, he will bark whoever he not recognised...

That Bastard's House

For your information, that bastards not from the same flat, where he stay almost 100m from my granny house. None of the residents in my granny flat complaint, he stayed 100m and flat opposite complained Dollar's Barking disturb that bastard's son sleep...

All incident happened in midnight, and DOLLAR was chained each time, means he HIT a CHAINED DOG....GOSH....


  1. Why is Dollar being chained in the first place? Isn't Dollar allowed in the house at night?

  2. pity is the 1 at ground floor of where u stay ?

  3. Dollar only stay outside...

    yen: yes, at my grandma place there...

  4. wtf? he purposely come from the 2ND FLOOR of the flat OPPOSITE to hit the dog? this man is crazy. better call tanjung rambutan. >_>

  5. really sohai that guy ... come from other flat n hit my dog...pokkai

  6. if i was there i will scold the bastard as well!! muahahahhaa... oh little doggy, may sayang sayang u..

  7. Wow.. i'm soo piss off!! hit till blind... u all were too kind d... if it's for me.. i sure take kao kao eh revenge one... stupid idiot bastard!!! the dog dint even bite he/her son... if it's so pah bai, then i have to beat all the uncle who always talk so loud around 2am infront of my house d lah... so keong...