Saturday, August 22, 2009

You say it BEST, When you say Nothing at all

I got one fren, who were well respect of his attitude and honesty. He was once a King Scout, always do good deeds and have many good records yet everything fact the pointed out seems right most the time. Most of the frens also agreed that he is a Mr. Good MAN. And he is Mr. C.T. Tan .......

Unfortunately, last weekend, my fren booze off....He 70% drunk yet he still conscious..and same incident happened again..HE START TALKING BULLSHIT....CAKAP CAKAP CAKAP... non-stop..

The worst that he start talking something "UNRATED" things with my GF there (the content i canot dispose here, unrated...)...Nice one, theng....After this incident, my gf have a concept in her thinking dy, wer

PERVERT = Bad egg
Bad egg = Naughty
Naughty = Don't go near so much!!!

And here an advice, try to shut up when you knw that u are drunk if not then really shit on pants....

p/s: thanks to mr. KK lim, our engineer cum model cum masseur for get thing mr theng booze off...and theng from now i think i wont able to visit you in singapore since i unable to get my visa approved by my GF..THANKS AR..


  1. ppl got heart wan me drunk..i ma drunk lo..

    actually wat i say is jz to make av1 cheers nia la..

    i oso warn those gal dun come near me ma..

    tell ms pan...dun worry..i jz joking..

    no joke no laugh ma..

    u la...oways say i go visit geylang...ddiuuu

  2. nvm la theng, my visa to sg will not be approved till further notice la... geylang trip no more dy..

  3. seong nvm, ask maytze to go bec sabah visit her parents, den that time u ma free liao lo....hehehe

  4. hey man..i m not a pimp..

    if u wan..i can show u the way..

    but i wont follow u la..

  5. theng..dun pretend la...Wont follow??