Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today is her convo dy...

Today , 12th Aug 09, already her convocation dy, yet so many things i yet to done like buying flowers, present haiz...sakit kepala....The flowers are the most important items tomorrow and till now i still havent decide yet where to get it and afraid that the flower that she wants NO STOCK....haiz, difficult le...Furthermore, budget also kurang cukup le, really begger this time dy... this time really "clay buddha crossing the pond"....

Kepala also big dy now..that why canot sleep time this kind of time...Work there got so many backlog dy, keep delay , delay and DELAY...then will keep FUCKED, FUCKED AND FUCKED by BOSSIE later..

Keep away all the BAD things, since tomorrow is her big day.. need to HAPPY furthermore, TOMORROW I ON LEAVE....YAHOO!!!


P/S: dear kawan kawan, rakan rakan ...come come and congratz miss pan...she deserve it..


  1. Congrats Mrs.Phung!! =p
    Sorry cuz since I'm still at Kampar, so can't attend. But my wishes travel from Kampar to UM to celebrate with you! ^_^