Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orphan Movie Review- There's REALLY something wrong with Esther

Just came back from Mid valley after the premiere screening of the movie Orphan. Ok, talk bout this movie..one word " UNBELIEVABLE ". Really, before this show start though that will sleep half way of the movie, i'm DAMN wrong... I stay awake for the whole show and this movie is AWESOMELY THRILLING..yes although this movie don't have explosion here and there yet the storyline and the TWIST of this movie made it EXCITING...

Free tickets from nuffnang...Thanks oh..

NO WORRY, i won't told you how the story is, ...HAHA, i think your ticket for this show will be worthy.

Here some screenshot of this movie:-

"Happy" Family...

she so cute throughout the whole movie..

And my rating for this movie: 9.5/10

Thumbs UP...sorry la, another thumb need to press camera.

p/s: friend no worry, this movie don't have ghost...not a cerita hantu..


  1. HAR ESTER CUTE ?? but she very SCARY!!~.~' and and...i hate the Ester la for this movie......her acting skill really geng!!!

  2. you are right...she lead the whole story...SHE "CUTE"..hahaha

  3. how much for the advertisement fee u received? hah

  4. eh...two free ticket ...HAHAHAHA