Saturday, August 8, 2009

Miss YOU.....

Miss Pan, miss you very much...your trip to kuantan from wednesday till saturday make my life so dull, without ur laughter my room seems quite. Your present in the house will cherish the environment, while your absent will only bring silent. n love you very much..

So, since you come back tomorrow and i back to hometown tomorrow, so please help me to :-
  1. clean the toilet
  2. wash the bed sheet
  3. clean my table
  4. do the laundries
  5. sweap the floor
  6. mop the floor
  7. boil water
  8. make up the bed
I think tat's all...thanks and love you....

p/s: please do all the TASK


  1. wah wah wah~ at the beginning praise me then at the end ask me to help u do hseworks~
    hehe..okla..see u tonight.

  2. bugger seong.. read also wanna laugh..

  3. kou lou....i really miss her le..not bluff de, but the chores also need ppl to do also ma..HAHAHAHA