Saturday, September 5, 2009

Join The Pact-Never Drink And Drive


What is mean by Drink & Drive? According to Malaysia Law which sound like this:

Kesalahan Memandu semasa berada di bawah pengaruh minuman yang memabukkan atau dadah (melibatkan kematian atau kecederaan).
Seksyen/ Kaedah Kesalahan Seksyen 44
Seksyen/ Kaedah Hukuman Seksyen 44
Kadar Kompaun Mahkamah
Kadar Mahkamah Penjara mandatori 3 hingga 10 tahun dan denda RM 8000 hingga RM 20000 dan digantung lesen memandu bermula dari tarikh sebutan pertama di mahkamah sehingga kes diputuskan.

Or this :
Kesalahan Memandu atau menjaga kenderaan motor dengan kepekatan alkohol melebihi had yang ditetapkan.
Seksyen/ Kaedah Kesalahan Seksyen 45
Seksyen/ Kaedah Hukuman Seksyen 45(A)
Kadar Kompaun Mahkamah
Kadar Mahkamah Denda RM 2000 atau penjara 6 bulan dengan kepekatan alkohol melebihi had bulan. Sabitan kedua - denda RM 4000 atau penjara satu tahun atau kedua-duanya dan digantung lesen/ batal.

After a throughout search through in web, finally i got this "had yang ditetapkan 80 miligram alkohol dalam 100 miligram darah" the permissible alcohol contain in 100 mg blood is 80 mg. (i don't knw the genuinity of this information)

But the most important is that NEVER DRINK & DRIVE. I think every ppl also still remember a Advertisement which (almost) like this :

2 brothers go disco, and one get very drunk...

Jeff and Jeff's Brother

Jeff insist to drive...

Jeff's Brother can't stop Jeff...

Drunken Jeff..driving very fast...

Something BAD happened....

Car accident....

Ambulance arrived..

Trying to save jeff's brother...


While Jeff at hospital...

To show your support to be a responsible drinker, come on and support Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambasaddor Mika Häkkinen! The two-time Formula One World Champion in JOIN THE PACT here to see how to support him. For this Join the Pact to be a responsible drinker and driver, Mika Häkkinen is coming to Malaysia to demonstrate the importance of designated drivers.He will be officiating the launch of the Join the Pact campaign on 12th September 2009 at Sunway Pyramid plus doing a live demo run of the JTP Super Car.

YES you are right....HE is going to perform a live demo run of JTP super car at Sunway this coming 12th September 2009. Go there and you wouldn't regret about it...

  • HE 2 TIMES F1 World Champion
  • He is old = he is safe
  • He not that handsome
  • He is Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambasaddor

Mika Häkkinen

JTP Super Car....

JTP Super Car has a power to weight ratio twice of the Bugatti Veyron which makes the impossible a reality, with over 1000bhp (horse power) per tone under the hood. It is as close as you’ll get to an F1 car for the road.Armed with 3.5 litre V8 engine, this JTP Supercar is the fastest accelerating road car on the planet, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100mph (160km/hour) within 5 seconds. Its top speed reaches over 200mph (321km/hour)! I think can faster than aeroplane dy...WHOA.....

REMEMBER TO SUPPORT MIKA and not others...come on...only eligible for those who aged 21 and above.


  1. support mika! cute cartoon!
    nanged u! nang me back if u are brave to read about ghost! nang me!

  2. haiz i tot i can participate. another 1 year to go.