Sunday, August 23, 2009

HELP!!! I tortured by someone...

Today Sunday, and i should be enjoying my holiday, yet i was tortured by someone...I was tortured physically and mentally.. I suggest to my gf to when to 1U to buy a pair of shoe since my current shoe got a hole below it...really KNN (knn for the shoe part not my gf)..,haiz..

When there around 12pm, then have brunch at there too.. after the meal start looking for my shoe, i think around 2 pm, i successfully get what i wanted dy, but now only start the NIGHTMARE (worst than the orphan movie)...I though walk awhile then go home lo..I AM DAMN WRONG, i walk walk walk till 4pm also no sign of going home, luckily i was given permission to rest awhile and buy some drinks, after a short break continue walk n walk n walk...UNTIL 630pm then only can bec home....GOSH... now my leg feel a bit cramp dy..poor little me...(i actually i kinda of shopping phobia ..)

Then i come across a clause stated in SUHAKAM (human rights commission of Malaysia):-

Click to enlarge it...i think i will be useful

I think next time i gonna rent a wheelchair dy...haiz.


Today at 1U happened some LAN JIAU incident, i when to Jaya Jusco to buy something then when to Parkson walk walk..suddenly when i want to go out from the PARKSON the FAHAI ALARM triggered, the Mr. Security politely ask permission to look what's inside the bag lo, then look look.. he said that the item that bought from Jusco is still with the security lock ( the grey colour one) and he said you when every shop also will trigger the alarm..Luckily the security is polite..

Then from New Wing walk back to Old Wing to get the security chip removed lo, WAH.. the Jusco staff like nothing happened din even apologize wor...LOK 7...FUCK YOU JUSCO.....

p/s: the most MALU is that items with the security chip was my GF's BRA ....HAHAHA....during this incident i was alone in the parkson dunno the security will think that the bra belonged to me or not..shit..


  1. the security probably thought that u must have some bra fetish o.o

  2. if the security look at ur bra, then u asking him loudly, "jantan tak boleh pakai bra kerr?"

  3. ur title said tortured by someone.. that someone is JUSCO or the security guard or MT?? haha

  4. py..haha..try to figure it out la...haha

  5. sekejap pun tak boleh ke?

    if i go shop wiv my gf..

    is from 10am to 7pm 1...

    somemore need to pass thru checkpoint..

    enjoy it my friend...

    tell u a tips..

    if u manage to make her more tired then u..

    hehe..then she will scared of u..

    she wan 3hours? u bring her shop for 10HOURS!!

    but dun bring ur wallet la..


  6. aiyer....gals can shop whole day punya. 10am to 10pm oso can if got loads of money la.
    theng: ur idea so good...luckily my bf din see this...wahahaha

  7. gam chau no need like that theng.... i love her de...but me jus scare shopping only...HAHAHA