Sunday, July 12, 2009

When "Malang tidak BerBAU"

This incident happened atlast Wednesday (8 July 09) around 330pm. I was on my way walking to DBKL building at Jln Raja Laut after i parked my car at a nearby car park. While i was walking, i suddenly tripped, i thought that the sohai pavement is not even..then continue walk lo, suddenly felt not right wor, why dragging something, then look look at my shoe...FAHAI, my shoe sole come off, that time really DIU, at the middle of the road your shoe like that. Since i need to do some submission to DBKL then i dragged my feet till there lo, MAHAI.. the ppl thought me CACAT, walk like that....DRAGGING all the walk into the city council.

After done my duty, i asked the clerk there, the conversation like this:-
Me : Kak ada tali ar?
Clerk: Tali ar....cari dulu ar... mau tali buat apa
Me: Kasut rosak...
Clerk: Oh....(She then asked her colleague got tali or not, but also din have) Sorry ar, tarak tali...
Me: Silfon tape ada ar???
Clerk: Tarak la....

Then come another clerk....
Clerk2: Dik, u mau pinjam kasut kak dan pigi jln tunku abdul rahman repair kasut kamu??
Me: Erm...boleh juga la..Manyak Sui minggu ini. Kasut kak apa size??
Clerk2: Oh, size 5
Really fuck that time, no choice, my foot with size 9 need to fit into size 5 n walk 9 to the nearby coblber, after i take her shoe n wear it, CIBAI..many ppl looking at me n close their half mouth laugh 9 me le...sigh~~~~...Paid RM 20 to repair my shoe n bec return the shoe to the Clerk2. Anyway, thanks for the kind hearted clerk with size 5 foot, without the nice offer, i think i need to drag my leg bec to car which is quite far....This how the damage looked like...

Fucking SUI....


  1. what kind of shoe that the kak gave u? O.o

  2. you took the pic of your shoe at the cobbler's ther?
    i thought 'why still rosak after paying rm20 to repair it'.. haha~

  3. gaylou: Is a toilet slipper ....HAHAHA

    Yee2: If paid dy also like tat ar...slap 9 him..

  4. ooo.... better than she give u high heels la... hahaha

  5. im more interested in a photo of u wearing the kak's slippers wor...

  6. jangannya si engchi...

    if high heel, then i will say, terima kasih ...