Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)

Last weekend on 28 June (sunday) i went to UTeM (diu..not me study again la..) I went there with my cousin sister la..she the one who enrol into that Uni. She was a biology student but somehow she got Electrical Engineering which is not her choice...difficult..

Anyway, from PJ to UTeM is around 148km, around 2 hours of driving. Very easy to get there, masuk sungai besi tol then exit ayer keroh tol...Wah, that uni is facking new..all the building is modern (modern if compared with UM), big (big if compared with UM), new (if compared with UM).... U see the photos.:-

Nicely painted building



Aiyoh, 1st thing i saw by the time i arrived there is "WAN TAN" ...HAHAHA.. almost 60% there is like walking wan tan (which enuf to boycott wan tan mee for 1 week)... This uni "tal 9 yee", 1st you need to register in campus which take u at least 1 - 2 hours, then need to when to the hostel which located almost 5-6km from the campus...damn far le.... Oh, dun get me wrong, the hostel is outside the campus and near the town ..

gals hostel

When enter this uni, suddenly felt wanna go study again...but when to the hostel, suddenly felt DIU LO...how to study oh... one house, 2 storey need to accommodate 16 ppl (4 room, i room 4 ppl, 2 bathroom, some broken chairs n table n cupboards) U imagine, i house 2 bathrooms n with 16 gals...WAH...REALLY FUCK...Since their hostel n the campus are separated quite far, if miss the bus then realy a good excuse to skip class le..HEHEHE..
(above comments are based on personal view only, pls dun piss off ok)

Wah, if 16 guys stay in one house, really cibai lo...all i can imagine is that 300++gb of hamdai, tons of cigarette butt, many pale of unwash clothes...really lok 7 also..

After settle all the things then i went off to melaka town with Gf lo..(no choice la, went there with GF, sure need to bring her to jonker walk lo) what to do....When there walk n walk n walk then eat then walk n walk n walk then start to come bec PJ lo...(aiyoh..nothing to write about there le..so many things dunno wat to write) ...Another cibai things happened, when i try to back pj, i follow the signboard lo, then DIU lo, the cibai sohai signboard lead me to coastal road, LOK 7, i tot follow the green board will ok la..FUCK LA... luckily can connect bec to the federal road then bec to the expressway (dunno MAT 7 reason, the highway also will jam, tot got accident lo, diu...dun even got died dog le..also jam .) ...BACK HOME around 8someting...TIRED LIKE HELL...i hope next trip to there wont be sohai again ...

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