Friday, July 10, 2009


There are 2 reasons :-

1. For the love towards the earth, we should stop using insect spray since the bottle spray will release some CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). Where most of CFCs are murder on the environment. Each CFC molecule is 20,000 times as efficient at trapping heat as is a molecule of CO2. So CFCs increase the greenhouse effect far out of proportion to their concentration in the air. A more immediate concern is that the chlorine released when CFC molecules break up destroys ozone molecules. (This for those who love the earth planet)

2. For the love towards your balls, (man-ness) cause a study show that the Insect spray may lower testosterone levels in men
. Environmental exposure to chlorpyrifos or its metabolite (TCPY) may be associated with reduced levels of circulating testosterone in adult men. Chlorpyrifos was one of the most common insecticides used in homes. The study found that higher levels of 1-naphthol (1N) in men’s urine are associated with decreased sperm concentration and motility and increased DNA damage in sperm cells. 1N is a breakdown product of carbaryl, a lawn and garden insecticide known as Sevin, and the compound naphthalene, which is found in cigarette smoke, diesel fuel and other combustion byproducts.

(This is for those who loves their or others SPERM)

Treasure it before is too LATE....


  1. so scientific written!! when you got it? haha~

  2. well...easy, just cut, paste and edit...tat easy