Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peaceful SUNDAY!!!

Another peaceful sunday...what is peaceful sunday? Peaceful sunday means a sunday that no need to do any particular things. Today my GF hang out with her colleague, that why i stay at home and can do my blog at this kind of time (usually this kind of time, i should be either 1U, curve and etc).... Yet my GF beh song me cause i dun wan to go shopping together with her today..Haiz, i also dunno why she wan me to go out with her since she is going out with her colleague, then she said that i anti social with her frens.. For me, when she shopping, i wait outside and look other leng lui around, since now she got ppl accompany her, that why i dun wan to go out, then she think me ANTI SOCIAL her fren...SPEECHLESS..

Anyway, since she went outside dy, so i do my favor... MOVIE la...HAHAHAHA...even tired also dun wan to sleep, yet keep watching watching watching...SONG AR....I think today if can mahjong even better...HAHAHA

Professional le....

p/s: in the picture, i win that game with 7 "fold"...hahaha


  1. wah... long time din play mahjong lioa..huhu
    win 1 or 2 time, ppl dun wan to play wit me jor.. btw, this pic look familiar..when u take it?

  2. taken during bbq at ur bro's house la...long ago lo...

  3. wa~ u ask urself is it true tht u don feel like wanna go out with my friend la!!! u NVR go out with my friend once leh!!!
    u hang out with friend, u ask me to go out, i also got go out loh!!! u ask urself la..i don wanna explain anymore..u urself know the answer..