Monday, July 13, 2009

My new Monitor....

Today i get myself a new monitor... Leng mo...Small small 32" ...HAHAHA

this gadget very light.. ithink around 8-10kg only

Geng mo??

Dunno what is gonna feel when watching Love &"ACTION" movie with 32" with only 2 feet away...WAH, canot envisage it...

p/s: thanks mom for letting me use this new monitor until this weekend.. i return back u you in one piece ...HEHE


  1. how much u bought it? LCD are getting cheaper nowadays... ^^;;

  2. buy 42'' mar... seon, you bought for your mum arr? rich-nya!

  3. i really hope tat i afford to buy to her, but magnum, pan pool malaysia (4D) and sports toto reluctant to help..haizzzz