Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Convo's Trip 2008

I graduated for almost 1 year dy, and i had a convo trip with bunch of dudes. This trip was inspired by movies like "Road Trip" and "Euro Trip" where the trip suppose to have many boobs. But my convo trip end up only with DUDES.....

Ok, my convo trip only local la, no money to fly outside country, no money...no like ppl fly taiwan, bali then sarawak and also hongkong year before, ppl is a pharmacist wor..sure got duit lo..sorry la, i dun wan to put her name here la..u see urself la.

Me n my coursemate cum collegemate initially planned to have a trip around peninsular Malaysia. Wah, so lan excited when planning, this trip only got 4 ppl (Fai Cai, MokLin, KK, n me) cause got one faker who working at Singapore now, jual mahal that time, dun wanna join us for this trip. Try to click the picture below to see our initial plan.

The red line is our initial plan....GENG!!!

Our start off point was KL, that time only go to buy some groceries like water, toothpaste, toileteries and etc. MAHAI..belum start the trip me that time is already tired after buying the groceries. We hav no point where to go that day, jus buy one map book then look what place to go. Since got ONE SOHAI (KK not ah theng) canot join on the first day, then we just plan to visit from bidor to teluk batik then ipoh then back kampar stayover nite. That was our 1st day of the trip....Diu, no need to write what i see la..just roughly roughly can la...S

3 Dudes...

That the 1st DAY.....


  1. wey!!! why am i involved in your blog??? jahat you!

  2. i din mention name, dun worry, no ppl will knw tat is u

  3. friend.. u ingat I dun wan follow u all meh...
    no money ma...all ppl got graduation trip...like u meh..so rich...buy tis buy tat..