Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ice and Toilet Bowl

Today chatting with the architect in McD during lunch, he told me that got a little girl done a research and found out that ice cube in drinks are containing more bacterial than toilet bowl...WTF!!! That my first reaction. Diu, sometimes i architect also bluff de, i back home and search in google n found this.

i quoted from that site:-

"She compared the ice used in sodas and other drinks with the water from toilet bowls in the same fast food restaurants. She was shocked by the results.

The ice served in soft drinks and other beverages at fast food restaurants had more bacteria than ice from the same restaurant's toilets! Not only that, but 70 percent of the time, the ice had more bacteria than the toilet water."

Ice cube MORE FUCK than



  1. But would u drink from the toilet bowl? :p

  2. dont drink iced beverages from now onwards... haha~

  3. gaylou: HAHA, i rather drink unseen bacteria than floating stuff in toilet

    yeeyee: canot lo..hehe

  4. btw, they got explain why the ice cube got more bacteria?

  5. erm....if not mistaken they said that the livestock at kitchen increase the bacterial contain

  6. unbelievable...
    but ada concrete evidence mou?

  7. we big bacteria eat small bacteria (dai kuan sik sei kuan) dun worry... :p

  8. wah...u see u see..u eat too much bacteria tat why now talk also gila gila..HAHA