Friday, July 17, 2009

hell ROADTAX!!!

When a people die, their family and friends will burn many things to them like gold bar, watches, house (bungalow) , maid, tv set, money and car of coz. Normally the car is Mercedes-Benz with driver also. But did u notice that the car hav ROADTAX...

You think here only need roadtax ar, even hell there also need ROADTAX le..

Mercedes-Benz (big small eye)


I think their roadtax should be in milions or even bilions, wah....dun think that the money u buy to ancestor is a gimme, really got usage le...if they dun pay the roadtax, mayb they will get summons from hell-traffic police..(cow head & horse face)

Horse FACE and Cow HEAD.....

But i think all the same, they always wear NANTI-RASUAH...HAHAHA

p/s: i think next time need to burn IC to my father if not later they tot he is 'illegal immigrants"


  1. dunno got income tax or not... if yes, then gone case loh....

  2. ya wor..income tax too le...shit ...die dy also need to tax..i tot there is tax free