Monday, July 20, 2009

Convo's Giftes for GF?

Next month, Miss Dancer May will attend her convocation on 13th August 2009 (Thursday). As his bf must ready convocation gift for her lo... Still haven't bought anything yet...haiz. Difficult task, really KNN...But there are some in my list already:-

  1. Flower lo....this very basic..

White rose..dunno can substitute with chrysanthemum

nice rite....after convocation can use it for my dad

2. Congratulations card lo....

this one ok mo??

3. Pen.... the most useful

can sign cheque or resign letter...good good..

4. how about hello kitty bracelet....ok ma..

cute rite....i think she will love it...

5. Sexy lingerie...WOW...

But i think this gift is more to me than to her...HEHEHE

6. Worst CASE scenario.... A congratulations HANDSHAKE...the warmest gift...

A handshake and a congratulation...TRUE N PURE...

7. TITUS watch...

nice oh...but can this watch deal with RM 50.00? if got let me knw..ok even TITTUS watch also can la...same for me..

How you guys think of my list......ok ma??

p/s: Do u guys knw where to get TITTUS watch? Petaling Street got?


  1. Handshake - H1N1 la... try avoid it if possible...kekeke

    I heard that the Titus watch is actually China watch and not worth the expensive price. And the built quality is not that good either. ^_^;;;

  2. But tat option is the easiest yet cheapest..hehehe...

  3. hey dude, i got a good suggestion, since recently got heavy haze n h1n1 inciddent, u can buy a box of mask, hehe since it is not so expensive, less than rm50....great idea rite?

  4. seon, titus not so good lo, as KHIM HOE had mentioned, itu china punya barang. But if u really want it, u can get it at cineleisure fleemarket geh. Petaling street also got. but if my bf bought me a fake watch hor, i will not wear it loh.hehe....
    Another suggestion, try ORIS! nice!

  5. seon: try search 'titus watch' in Google and see the first result ;)

  6. seems like titus hav a very NO good reputation among my fren wor...all also wanna fuck that brand...

  7. lee pui yen won't suggest not good thing.. & she won't suggest cheap thing also.. wahahha....

  8. she also very familiar with the brand tim....GENG!!!

  9. not familiar lar, juz heard bout tat onli...haha.... =)eh, city chain now got promotion eh...go there browse browse first lah...