Friday, July 31, 2009

August = DEEP SHIT!!!

Today is end of July, get my salary...Ok la, sure happy cause received salary ma, the happiness ended less than merely 4 hours , during lunch got the salary...After got money sure think where to go to pamper ownself ma, think when to buy convo's present to miss pan lo.

Until 5 pm, my DEEP SHIT started, the TOYOTA CAPITAL called me, the conversation like this:

Me: Hello...
Toyota : Can i speak to Mr Phung?
Me: Yes, speaking. ...(tot is contractor)
Toyota: Sir, i calling from Toyota Capital
Me: regarding what ar? (I tot i won some kind of contest la..started to SONG)
Toyota: Oh, is regarding your car loan, in our system, showing that your car loan payment only until June 09, we didn't receive any payment for July
Me: HAR!!! , no way, i paid dy..(SUDDENLY FELT REALLY FUCK LO..........)
Toyota: When you paid?
Me: Somewhere early of July, never mind, let me check check 1st ok....( LOK 7 dy this time)
Toyota: Ok, you check 1st...cause our system only showing till June only
(Me then quick quick check my maybank2u see got transaction on July or not....check check ...FA HAI LO....FUCK FUCK FUCK..chau hai, really didn't pay for July)
Me: SHIT!!! Really didn't pay...
Toyota: Sir , so when do you gonna pay?
Me: I think TODAY LA!!! ( the loan shark )
Toyota: Ok, sir you need to pay extra XX.XX since sir late payment....
Me: OK LA ...OK LA...
Toyota: Bye...have a nice day..

REALLY KNN, every month, my bank account will almost near to RM20.00 this month also same... WHICH MEAN, I ALREADY SPENT THE CAR LOAN MONEY somewhere else...LOK 7 mo..... mean AUGUST I NEED TO PAY 2 MONTH OF CAR LOAN....


GF Convocation somemore...i think i gonna eat white rice this whole month, no need to think of Harry Potter, GI Joe, 009, eat at restaurant, back hometown... i think later i will go out n look for AH LONG's telephone number...

Hope they dun chain me ....

p/s: Fren ... help a bit la...


  1. come to seri kembangan... many ah long here... lol

  2. beras, makanan dalam tin (utk manusia bukan haiwan), sayur (segar)...

    gaylou.....seri kembangan ah long better ar?

  3. just no need to buy jackie her convo present

  4. y convo became one of ur worries pulak????

  5. dun worry..
    i stil have many sands to share
    come find me

  6. engchi..unfortunately, i bought dy. included u dy...

    neoh, u ARE DOCTOR u wont understand de

    kinwah...tat wat our 17 years GAM CHING.,..

  7. @seon

    u got read the news... they give free food and place for u to stay when u dont pay back! :D

  8. khim hoe.... then wat they do..giv free food n place when no pay back..??huh!!

  9. wei uncle.. i don't even have my pay yet la...
    i'm damn broke and i gotta spend money for convo.. im the one who's supposed to rattle la