Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I Can't Get Enough Of Transformer?

Why i can't get enuf of transformer... i let u knw, cause since i watched the transformer the movie at 2007, i started to see things in transformer... No believe what i saw!! This is what i saw...

Sometimes, when i see myself as autobots too...nia..

This is what i saw...

Even my gf sometimes transformer into megatron

Then i went to consult doctor lo, he told me that this symptom call 'Transformer Schizophrenia' , then i asked him, "doc got what cure oh", he answered " oh, simple la...watch more blue film transformer, then mai ok lo...". After numerous times of transformer movie therapy, this Schizophrenia only able to conrol, the doctor told me, in order to more control of this symptom, he ask me to watch the coming transformer: revenge of the fallen..this is the reason why i can't get enuf of transformer....hehe

I really need the tickets, if not, i will rob the cinema..this is what WILL happen..

I hope i no need rob the cinema to get the ticket la...cross my finger now..hope to get the ticket ..hehehe....

p/s: nuffnang are giving away premiere ticket for transformer 2, go n look out.. www.nuffnang.com.my