Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Treasure it....

Today, i come across an artical in titled " Baby boy born without a penis ". Guys, please don't laugh bout that ok (pls be serious this tis part). A male with out his genital, gosh..cannot imagine it.

Got many ppl don't have genital too, for example:-
  • ah qua
  • those guy who got his dick cut by his wife, or during blowjob
  • Tai Karm (eunuch)
  • someone don't like kuku jiao
  • many more...
Guys, for those who love his own penis, please treasure it now... Make good USE of it, care his hygiene, stop abusing it.... in support of loving your own penis....

p/s: Kin Wah stop cursing "Sang Jai Mo Kuku" or " Sang Jai Mo Si Fat" those words very cruel...
Ee hui, don't be sissy, use ur kuku wisely..don't wait la..friday night go geylang la...wait no more...



  2. sadly..geylang no china gal standing at the road side...
    hui...hav to use ur hand d..

  3. u left something le..
    ther's 1 boy got kuku duno how to use..
    i dunwan mention his name..
    later he cry i duno how ooo...
    in cantonese it call 'yau lan ng sik yong'..
    reli 'mou lan yong'

  4. mou lan yong...HAHAHAHA.. did u use it wisely?

  5. dude..
    mou lan yong = no kuku use...
    yau lan ng sik yong = got kuku but donno how to use...
    the 2nd type more sohai...


  6. i sure i use my vivi wisely...yau lan ng sik yong is not my category

  7. all started by kin wah n ah theng ...... i'm innocent