Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roger's House Warming Party

Wah...430 AM, and i still manage to write blog...Is been a wee-night weekend for me. Since yesterday i still awake in this kind of time. Wanna knw why le....JUDI.

As you know, Roger was moving into his new house, so we (Me, KinWah, Miss Pan) put a simple house warming celebration for them (Roger, Amanda, CCY). Started with a Bak Kut Teh dinner with them at kepong (Friday night), aiyoh..Roger's House Warming party wor, where can just as simple as a dinner woh..after the bak kut teh session sure when to his new house n look look n see see... one sentence to describe his place "Simple and Nice". After a manner touring around his house, sure start the main agenda lo "MAHJONG SESSION"..New house sure need some voice to warm warm the house..Mahjonging till 2am then when mamak yam cha n listening ppl bluff then back home lo, already 4am dy (Saturday morning).

You think only that meh...the party continue again with Saturday 730pm dinner again lo.. This time steamboat buffet at Restaurant Tanjung Rambutan, Kepong..(Fucking full after that dinner), eat till 1030pm, diu, after dinner sure need to yamcha lo..Then yamcha at Station 1 cafe at kota damansara there, diu this time guai lou's leong cha lo...Drink till 2am (Sunday early morning), since everybody think the night still young, once again back to Roger's place to BLACK JACK lo, this time manage to play till 330am only cause i wanna 'berak' then call off for that night lo...This lead to the end for Roger's House Warming Celebration...

Roger, Amanda, CCY...thanks for the nice party...

p/s: in this post , many "cibai, pokkai, ham ka ling, lok 7, lok 9 , 67, lei ah sing, ma de, diu ..etc" had been cencored due to sexual, violent content, especially from CCY and Roger....and for your information, CCY is an air-stewardess, please don't let so many ppl knw that she said the words mentioned above..thanks for your cooperation..Enjoy

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