Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just click...

Ok since today is saturday n tomorrow is sunday, wanna do some good deeds.. Ok kawan - kawan, if you want to do some good deeds just try to read, if not don't 7 read...

Have you heard this before??

DiGi is hoping to raise RM150,000 in 30 days for charities in the community. And we could use your help.

All you have to do is to tell us which charity you’d like to support and DiGi will donate RM5 to them. That’s RM5 from us, and just one click from you. All it takes is a single click from your mouse and DiGi will donate RM5 to a charity organization of your choice.

Just click that site and there are 14 Charity Organizations, divided into 3 major categories that you can choose to help;

(I) Nature (4):
1. SPCA Selangor
2. Malaysian Nature Society
3. Borneo Conservation Trust
4. Global Environment Centre

(II) Medical (5):
1. National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
2. IJN Foundation
3. Hospis Malaysia
4. Malaysian AIDS Foundation
5. MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional)

(III) “Social” (5)
1. National Council for the Blind Malaysia
2. Malaysian Council for Child Welfare
3. Women’s Aid Organization
4. National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia
5. Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur

(those above quote from )

Come on la..just few click only, no need you to pay....dun so 7 black heart la...mayb take you 15 min only la...Na, don' think me got any profit from those ar, me din take any money from Digi, i'm a good person so i ask ppl to be good too...HAHAHa....go click la..ok...Have a nice weekend,...

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