Saturday, June 13, 2009


I been back to kampar for almost 1 week, back on tuesday and come back PJ today...All things happened are like a dream. During the week I back kpr, i din sleep many too...pity...come back, then need to attend funeral, after funeral then attend St john camp...Until now, still tired...haiz....

Last wednesday, i suppose when to watch the Premiere Screening of Blood: The Last Vampire cause i won some contest, but since something is more important, then just give up the ticket lo...haiz....

Blood: The last vampire

If not mistaken, this movie is from japan anime.... the actress is fucking hot, that why i wanna watch this movie..

Anyway, i am back to blog keep ur self update in this blog..hehehe


  1. wow... 1 week? what camp u attending?

    anyway, i heard that the movie is not that great...

  2. khim hoe: me attend st john camp la...since bec kpr then mai go there look look la....bout the movie ar, me only watch the actress n the storyline..hehe

    pui yee: haha..i knw u all miss me 99 de....hehe

  3. u so sien 1...
    got free ticket oso dun give me..
    u keep it 'bou tong' ar?

  4. kinwah..u think if i got the ticket me wont give u meh...the problem is i need to go there to take on tat wednesday too le, which i bec on tuesday dy...