Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HELP, my computer is not working!!!

My computer is not working even i format it already...WAT THE CIBAI FUCK HAPPENED..... all my collection is ruined...AARRRR.... My Kwai Tam collection sudah habis la, SHIT HEAD....Luckily my Edison's collection still in my safe guard... Without my computer, i canot blog, watch movie, chat in msn, download movie n BLOG (FYI, i using my GF's computer for this posting)...fuck la...

I FORMATTED twice dy, the same fucking error occured., really FUCK DY....Feel wanna open the window n throw the desktop out ....KNN...

mln (-_-) nlm

p/s: for those who are deeply sad with my situation now, please feel free to support me financially in get a new computer for me.....


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  2. Khim hoe and ming, you guys wanna help me get a new computer??ok

  3. wui, this fri wanna open table?