Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy's toys

Courtesy from ah theng, he found this toy and he let me knw then introduce it to all of you..

This toy is call tenga egg..It looked like this..

Nice rite....Guess what is their usage??? KinWah u rite....It use for masturbation, ya boy masturbation, you click on the video, it will show you how..

This come with lubricator, haha...if not mistaken only can use once due to hygiene issue....I only tot got girls sex toys but now got male sex toys...

Ehui and Gaylou don't wait anymore, go order try this link TENGA (better than mou lan yong le)

For girls, no worry, sure intro some nice things to you de....

This leng mo, ipod vibrator...called OHMIPOD, click here to knw more Ohmipod ..
Jackie you need it, to reduce your working stress, should be nice, can listen music then got vibrator...HAHAHA..enjoy..

p/s: If you guys had tried those products before, please write some comment oh tat...

1 comment:

  1. sorry. i duno wat is it..
    coz i dun need such thing..
    i grew up d.. i'm a man now..
    u... haih.. forget it la..