Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another 4th

Today is another 4th of June, and also mean that i with my dear have been together for 2 years and 9 months dy.... So fast the time passed between us, i can tell you all, i argue, busuk, marah, no talk for many many times dy, after each cold war between them, we are even more understand each others...sure sakit hati when busuk with her lo (each time also need to persuade her back...pity pity me) For sure, she the one who always try to suit her mood to follow me, of coz me also sometimes need to follow her mood understanding de ma.. I can tell you that we are not perfect match but we are trying to do that, i very remember one sentence (quote from movie) " Faith is meaning that building a bridge of chance for yourself" and that is true, if we only wait the sky then mati lo....

Dear MayTzy,

Aku Cinta Pada Mu

Regards, Ah Seong

the handsome n the pretty....

p/s: you see in this posting i din say vulgar successful..


  1. sweet...sweet..sweet...

    she also dun wanna cakap...sigh~~~~

  2. wei wei wei...sabar..sabar dear!!!
    DAMN SWEET...hehe..
    dear, thanks for ur patience very much..I MEAN IT..really..!
    I know im not a girl who is easy to be persuated but really thanks God tht i get to know you. I learn a lot from this relationship..being more matured..although sometimes i still act nlike a kids..thanks dear =)

  3. wah.. so cold.. bulu all naik habis..

  4. really cold....
    kou lou, dun say ppl la...u pun sama

  5. engchi, u also want to express ur cinta to mr bamboo rite?? jus do it..we won;t laugh at you..