Monday, June 29, 2009


Early of June, IKANO POWER held a mini bird park to advertise and attract more people to visit Bird Park somewhere around KL. Even though this event not held in large scale yet they able to place quite a number of bird species at the lounge at there.

Green Bird

Black Bird

Ah Seon with Golden Cock....

Learn so many 'niau' things at there...not bad

The most interesting is that, there are many BLONDE CHICKs at there...HOT!!!

Bunch of Blonde Chick....nice rite...cute too

Luckily got this miniature bird park there, at least can look and cocks and chicks while waiting GF to shop...hehehe

Saturday, June 27, 2009


King of Pop passed away yesterday may caused by CARDIAC ARREST. This symptom triggered after he watched this clips in youtube.

This is clips is produced 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines. REALLY ...WATCHED IT...

Friday, June 26, 2009

RM 175.00

Paid RM175.00 to get a new power supply, then only the computer can function normally. REALLY CIBAI... i formatted my computer, in the end only found out that not window problem instead is power supply problem...HAIZ, after paid RM175.00 need to reformat everything again, MAHAI... Even now haven't install the nokia programme for me to upload the pic into my pc (that why no pic in previous few posting lo.)

End of the month need to buy RM175 power supply is like salt in the wound...NIA SING BETUL....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HELP, my computer is not working!!!

My computer is not working even i format it already...WAT THE CIBAI FUCK HAPPENED..... all my collection is ruined...AARRRR.... My Kwai Tam collection sudah habis la, SHIT HEAD....Luckily my Edison's collection still in my safe guard... Without my computer, i canot blog, watch movie, chat in msn, download movie n BLOG (FYI, i using my GF's computer for this posting)...fuck la...

I FORMATTED twice dy, the same fucking error occured., really FUCK DY....Feel wanna open the window n throw the desktop out ....KNN...

mln (-_-) nlm

p/s: for those who are deeply sad with my situation now, please feel free to support me financially in get a new computer for me.....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roger's House Warming Party

Wah...430 AM, and i still manage to write blog...Is been a wee-night weekend for me. Since yesterday i still awake in this kind of time. Wanna knw why le....JUDI.

As you know, Roger was moving into his new house, so we (Me, KinWah, Miss Pan) put a simple house warming celebration for them (Roger, Amanda, CCY). Started with a Bak Kut Teh dinner with them at kepong (Friday night), aiyoh..Roger's House Warming party wor, where can just as simple as a dinner woh..after the bak kut teh session sure when to his new house n look look n see see... one sentence to describe his place "Simple and Nice". After a manner touring around his house, sure start the main agenda lo "MAHJONG SESSION"..New house sure need some voice to warm warm the house..Mahjonging till 2am then when mamak yam cha n listening ppl bluff then back home lo, already 4am dy (Saturday morning).

You think only that meh...the party continue again with Saturday 730pm dinner again lo.. This time steamboat buffet at Restaurant Tanjung Rambutan, Kepong..(Fucking full after that dinner), eat till 1030pm, diu, after dinner sure need to yamcha lo..Then yamcha at Station 1 cafe at kota damansara there, diu this time guai lou's leong cha lo...Drink till 2am (Sunday early morning), since everybody think the night still young, once again back to Roger's place to BLACK JACK lo, this time manage to play till 330am only cause i wanna 'berak' then call off for that night lo...This lead to the end for Roger's House Warming Celebration...

Roger, Amanda, CCY...thanks for the nice party...

p/s: in this post , many "cibai, pokkai, ham ka ling, lok 7, lok 9 , 67, lei ah sing, ma de, diu ..etc" had been cencored due to sexual, violent content, especially from CCY and Roger....and for your information, CCY is an air-stewardess, please don't let so many ppl knw that she said the words mentioned above..thanks for your cooperation..Enjoy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy's toys

Courtesy from ah theng, he found this toy and he let me knw then introduce it to all of you..

This toy is call tenga egg..It looked like this..

Nice rite....Guess what is their usage??? KinWah u rite....It use for masturbation, ya boy masturbation, you click on the video, it will show you how..

This come with lubricator, haha...if not mistaken only can use once due to hygiene issue....I only tot got girls sex toys but now got male sex toys...

Ehui and Gaylou don't wait anymore, go order try this link TENGA (better than mou lan yong le)

For girls, no worry, sure intro some nice things to you de....

This leng mo, ipod vibrator...called OHMIPOD, click here to knw more Ohmipod ..
Jackie you need it, to reduce your working stress, should be nice, can listen music then got vibrator...HAHAHA..enjoy..

p/s: If you guys had tried those products before, please write some comment oh tat...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Treasure it....

Today, i come across an artical in titled " Baby boy born without a penis ". Guys, please don't laugh bout that ok (pls be serious this tis part). A male with out his genital, gosh..cannot imagine it.

Got many ppl don't have genital too, for example:-
  • ah qua
  • those guy who got his dick cut by his wife, or during blowjob
  • Tai Karm (eunuch)
  • someone don't like kuku jiao
  • many more...
Guys, for those who love his own penis, please treasure it now... Make good USE of it, care his hygiene, stop abusing it.... in support of loving your own penis....

p/s: Kin Wah stop cursing "Sang Jai Mo Kuku" or " Sang Jai Mo Si Fat" those words very cruel...
Ee hui, don't be sissy, use ur kuku wisely..don't wait la..friday night go geylang la...wait no more...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I Can't Get Enough Of Transformer?

Why i can't get enuf of transformer... i let u knw, cause since i watched the transformer the movie at 2007, i started to see things in transformer... No believe what i saw!! This is what i saw...

Sometimes, when i see myself as autobots too...nia..

This is what i saw...

Even my gf sometimes transformer into megatron

Then i went to consult doctor lo, he told me that this symptom call 'Transformer Schizophrenia' , then i asked him, "doc got what cure oh", he answered " oh, simple more blue film transformer, then mai ok lo...". After numerous times of transformer movie therapy, this Schizophrenia only able to conrol, the doctor told me, in order to more control of this symptom, he ask me to watch the coming transformer: revenge of the fallen..this is the reason why i can't get enuf of transformer....hehe

I really need the tickets, if not, i will rob the cinema..this is what WILL happen..

I hope i no need rob the cinema to get the ticket la...cross my finger now..hope to get the ticket ..hehehe....

p/s: nuffnang are giving away premiere ticket for transformer 2, go n look out..

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I been back to kampar for almost 1 week, back on tuesday and come back PJ today...All things happened are like a dream. During the week I back kpr, i din sleep many too...pity...come back, then need to attend funeral, after funeral then attend St john camp...Until now, still tired...haiz....

Last wednesday, i suppose when to watch the Premiere Screening of Blood: The Last Vampire cause i won some contest, but since something is more important, then just give up the ticket lo...haiz....

Blood: The last vampire

If not mistaken, this movie is from japan anime.... the actress is fucking hot, that why i wanna watch this movie..

Anyway, i am back to blog keep ur self update in this blog..hehehe

Monday, June 8, 2009


Today should be my father's birthday, ya, my late father... He went to a place that i cannot go for now. My father leave me n my family on January 2008, he gone for quite awhile already. He leave without saying anything, he leave without letting anyone to worry, and gone like a gust of wind...Happy birthday DAD..

Yet today, i received a call from my brother saying that my grandma (mom's mom) has passed away. Actually she had been struggling with some critical illness for quite awhile. Now she gonna meet with my father, maybe she will quite surprise when she meet my father cause she don't knw that my father gone dy. Since she too old to receive that news, and yet she always saying that he had a very nice son-in-law that take care of her when she living in kampar last time. Like someone said, she just leaving to some place that are more nice and wonderful...

Lastly, just hope my father and grandma will rest peacefully....Farewell.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just click...

Ok since today is saturday n tomorrow is sunday, wanna do some good deeds.. Ok kawan - kawan, if you want to do some good deeds just try to read, if not don't 7 read...

Have you heard this before??

DiGi is hoping to raise RM150,000 in 30 days for charities in the community. And we could use your help.

All you have to do is to tell us which charity you’d like to support and DiGi will donate RM5 to them. That’s RM5 from us, and just one click from you. All it takes is a single click from your mouse and DiGi will donate RM5 to a charity organization of your choice.

Just click that site and there are 14 Charity Organizations, divided into 3 major categories that you can choose to help;

(I) Nature (4):
1. SPCA Selangor
2. Malaysian Nature Society
3. Borneo Conservation Trust
4. Global Environment Centre

(II) Medical (5):
1. National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
2. IJN Foundation
3. Hospis Malaysia
4. Malaysian AIDS Foundation
5. MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional)

(III) “Social” (5)
1. National Council for the Blind Malaysia
2. Malaysian Council for Child Welfare
3. Women’s Aid Organization
4. National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia
5. Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur

(those above quote from )

Come on la..just few click only, no need you to pay....dun so 7 black heart la...mayb take you 15 min only la...Na, don' think me got any profit from those ar, me din take any money from Digi, i'm a good person so i ask ppl to be good too...HAHAHa....go click la..ok...Have a nice weekend,...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another 4th

Today is another 4th of June, and also mean that i with my dear have been together for 2 years and 9 months dy.... So fast the time passed between us, i can tell you all, i argue, busuk, marah, no talk for many many times dy, after each cold war between them, we are even more understand each others...sure sakit hati when busuk with her lo (each time also need to persuade her back...pity pity me) For sure, she the one who always try to suit her mood to follow me, of coz me also sometimes need to follow her mood understanding de ma.. I can tell you that we are not perfect match but we are trying to do that, i very remember one sentence (quote from movie) " Faith is meaning that building a bridge of chance for yourself" and that is true, if we only wait the sky then mati lo....

Dear MayTzy,

Aku Cinta Pada Mu

Regards, Ah Seong

the handsome n the pretty....

p/s: you see in this posting i din say vulgar successful..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I worked for 1 YEAR dy

Today, 2nd June 2009 marked the 1st working anniversary....YEAH.....i still with that company YEAH...Still sitting at the same place, YEAH.....With the same colleagues and some new colleagues too, YEAH....Still the same boss, YEAH....Still the same toilet bowl i using in my office, YEAH... Still the same car i drove to work, YEAH.....Still the same salary i with, de, now me wait n see got any increment or not, if really dun hav increment, then lok 7 dy, i will still work in that company, DIU...what to do, near my house ma, worked till 6 pm can go home dy, not like others hardworking engineers worked till 7 -8 something...HAHAHA...

On thing so weird hor, since i worked for 1 year lo hor, it is normal to have some saving de ma..but why i still POOR like begger de? DIU...... tot can buy tis n tat lo, but till now i managed to buy myself a harddisk n a pair of shoe only..NIA SING...MAT 7 oh, no saving and no shopping for myself...MA DE, tomolo go to bank to fuck 9 them n ask them wer my money went...KNN.

p/s: Roger when u wanna eat "Big Tea Rice" ask me too...fucking desperate do it and KinWah sorry la, even u fucked me "4 ann fei hai" i also canot treat u eat ge la, take care yourself...