Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is what happened when you let your GF stay with you

Ok, since my GF have finished her tertiary studies and for the mean time, she will move in and stay with me for awhile before she find places to stay. As soon as i let her to move into my place. I LOST HALF MY TERRITORY!!! This is how is looked like

Only the circled belonged to me, others belonged to her...

Her stuff...Conquered my place about 60% in my room dy

I think later i will loss my cupboard capacity to her too...PITY ME!!!


  1. *crossed fingers* Sure HAPPY..

  2. hey hey hey...!!!
    u don simply say me oh!!
    the luggage tht part 80% is urs leh!! i only have the 2 luggage (black red luggage).
    i havent tidy up ur things!! don simply say ok!! and the toiletary....other than the circled one, toothpaste, tissue whole roll, the scoop, body shampoo beside the scoop..all are yours leh!!!

  3. Haha, very fun le the way u both talking.. ^^