Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My frens thought about Prince Siddhartha Musical..

Last week, i dinner with my fren Kin Wah and Roger (not their real name to protect their identities) at Kepong.. While eating, i try to promote my gf performance to them lo..The conversations was like this:

Me: Kin Wah, want to watch my gf performance mo..

Kin Wah: About mat 7 de?

Me: Oh, about Prince Siddhartha life de..come go watch la..+

Roger: Wah, again want to promote the show here meh...

Kin Wah: How much the cheapest ticket??

Me: The cheapest is RM 68 only...

Kin Wah: MAT 7 ARRRRR.....the cheapest RM 68, diu le la... i better add more RM 30 to watch Man U football "mou kam 7 lau", if i buy Man U ticket also ar, me also wont buy the RM90++ i will buy the most front to see Ronaldo kick the ball la...sohai

Roger: Ya lo..."Gam lan" expensive, me add more RM20 can see Wang Leehom concert la..

Me: This one different ma, got so many people involved..

Kin Wah: Diu, see Man U football can see all of them play la..

Me: This show held at Istana Budaya wor...

Roger: Fuck you la.. Wang Leehom concert at Stadium la..More BIG la!!!

Kin Wah: Ya too at stadium la..better la..

Me: *me diam 9 jor..continue my bak kut teh*

They are my fren, aren't they nice...


  1. mahai, come kepong also din find me, diu.....

  2. kin wah like football he rather add RM20 to watch football... love to see Lee Hom..maybe he gay?? so rather add more money to go Lee Hom concert...


  3. u left smting ler... i did oso said tat if d PRINCE SIDDHARTHA & other crew members go naked den d show will be betta but if ur GF did tat den jau... But i tink she won't lar cos only for Mr. Seonpc mah... N I'm not gay cos I like BEDSTYLE KUNGFU...

  4. ya wor..forgot bout that dy..
    additional footage

    Roger: If the siddhartha got show kuku jiau then i go watch la...

    rite mo rogeR?? confirm roger is not gay, cause amanda is a gal

  5. since when kin wah at Selangor?