Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My ex-rommmate as an Engineer and Masseur

Today i wanna talk about my ex-roommate KK Lim a.k.a Lin Kun Kuan a.k.a Dai Bei Kuan. I knw this guy for around 6 years. As a roommate for 4 years. He is a good boy, always volunteer to help some grannies to cross busy road. He never speak foul language except nia ma pussy, ham ka ling, 67,69, suck cock, mln, mother fucker and of coz FUCK, he only speak those other he never. You see, where can find such a nice person nowadays. He really a good fren to be except he always FFK (fong fei kei) you only can decide things with him on the very last minute cause he always MIANG MIANG and then AEROPLANE..

He study very hard during tertiary studies at UM, always burning midnight oil at night to revision. He graduated as a Bachelor of CIVIL ENGINEER ( and also aerospace cause he GENG in FFK).

You see, the smart KK with Mortarboard

My fren also got advertise in few advertisement de...he now an artist, dun play play with him. He also got part time job as a MASSEUR. He FUCKING good in that, you see:

you see, he damn good in that

so professional...

If anyone wanna his service pls leave me a message, i will arrange time for you guys, ok...we talk price later, about some other EXTRA SERVICES need to ask him personally lo..

So envy him, talented in many things.....

this the story of my EX-ROOMMATE KK..hope he will be a successful engineer and MASSEUR
(isn't he handsome in this pic)


  1. he also only talk with leng lui ma..not leng lui he don entertain one =P

  2. seon, why you seemed like kejang (from the look of both your hands) during the massaging session? hahaha~

  3. Wahahahahaha... Funny le!
    The 1st pic : KK look idiot
    and 2nd pic : KK Look cruel & Enjoy
    (Sorry didnt help when u shout HELP~)
    3rd pic : KK Look more idiot

  4. May, u r lenglui, coz KK talk with u.. Kaka :D

  5. May tzy: Wah..u praise urself leng lui in this way ar??? geng ar...

    Pui yee: me during that time, under excess pain..luckily my spring pocket din PECAH that time...

    Ah lian: haha, lian, u n him same ship ge la...i knw de...HAHAHA

  6. yup, seong, i agree with u
    kk is a good guy, dun forget ur room space become bigger coz of him leh!!!