Sunday, May 10, 2009

KUKU Jiao Incident

Lately, i heard so many cases about men loss their penis in some accident. Sorry ar, lazy to paste the site in here. The most interesting is about one man who having affairs with his secretary, one day they make up in the car, while she was blowing his boss kuku jiao, got lorry(mayb) knocked the back of the couple's car (who is blowing job) then the boss loss his kuku jiao in his secretary mouth...Maybe the secretary too hungry then bite is off.... Will the kuku jioa will taste like this???

p/s: By the way, the putus kuku jiao managed to attach back to his origin ..Unbelievable!!! maybe that guy phobia in blow job dy


  1. yer, disgusting...

  2. I readed an email before said this thing sold at bukit bintang one of the restaurant. Dunno whether real or not..? ;p

  3. ah lian, ask my ex-roommate bring you see see la.. he apa hal also knw de

  4. Ask him? He saw this from my email lol..
    Then he react is : Yer? Yer!? Yer??!..
    where? bintang walk got mie?!
    Apa saya boleh tanya lagi~~??

  5. cool dish! can let your gf practise la..