Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Sunday AGAIN!

Today is another wonder Sunday, and today also Prince Siddhartha Musical last show, so after this my gf will be FREE.. Is been a while we din talk or eat dinner or lunch together cause she come back around 12 something and i sleep around 11 something then i woke up 7 something she woke up around 10 something. MISS YOU, may tzy....

Today is also my colleague wedding day too, she's malay so her wedding ceremony held in Afternoon. Aiyoh, wedding and they invite you means you need to pay.

Wedding is like watching movie in cinema, you pay then only can enter(dunno they accept kfc voucher or not le )...HAHAHA

This is the second times i went to malay's wedding ceremony...They start 11am till 5pm, me dengar that also pengsan...11 am till 5 pm..macam kerja...Then when you arrive there, you can straight go eat then after you ate then only meet the bride and bridegroom..For me, me sure eat 99 la..hahaha.. After eat, so n meet my colleague lo (bride) and sure said something nice lo and make sure i dun say "Jump lagi tahun depan"haha..

Door gift...isn't it nice..

Inside the door gift, there are many things cloth fan, tisu bag, 2 glass, chocolate, sweets, and 3 EGGS...Hahaha. i dunno why need 3 eggs le, maybe they think we will need many protein for midnight piling session...somehow me scare the eggs are overnight eggs where i heard ppl said that eat an over night egg will cause big "LAM PA" me eat 2 eggs 1st, see whether what they said is true or not...hahaha...After take door give n take photo with the host dy sure back home lo..macam ini la, my sunday...

p/s: FUCK.. i miss kampar and my "chu peng kau yau" at there....


  1. ha? u eat 2 eggs??? my mommy told me b4 a week cant eat more than 2 eggs woh..then u hv to tahan a week loh...?!

    i miss kampar too..but is kampar FOOD!! muahahaha...

  2. you sure you miss us all or not? hehe.. doesn't sound so.
    Don't need to pretend la, we know you got girl, no friends liao one. never mind la. we understand one. haha

  3. i dun think that seong is that kind of person (got gal no friend punya orang)

    p/s: overnight eggs will cause big spring pocket, not zakar

  4. u see mr pharmacy also support my statement...hahaha...all i also din forgot..haha...

  5. seong remeber to bank in to my account as what u promise before. u say u gotta pay me if i write something good in ur blog, wahaha....n i oso promise u that i won't tell other bout this ^^v

  6. okok...will credit to ur account later, thanks for tat ar..remember dun let anybody knw tat..ok..tis for u nlm(-_-)mln since you are so kind