Friday, May 22, 2009

FUCK, this month over BUDGET DY...

This month very lok 7 dy, over spent.... credit card bill reached RM 400++ but bank account only left RM 300++..DIU MO!!!!!!!!!!Still need to survive one more week. I think coming week i need to eat watever in the house in order to stay alive.

First time in this 11 months fucking hardcore broke. Now go out eat also think 5 times dy...Sorry dear, i think this week we cook 1 packet maggie, u eat the noodle and i drink the soup la..ok.. i dun think can buy eat n flour to make pan cake dy..I think i gonna 'char dau' soon

diu lo...quite fit the begger look...fuck..

This one also not bad...HAHAHA

p/s: anyone who feel pity for me, can do some small donation for me..i receive it de..terima kasih


  1. every month u also say u broke one lar...

  2. many rich ppl also said sendiri miskin ge ma..but this time is HARDCORE broke..nearly declare bankcrupt

  3. need so 'cham' or not, u drink maggi soup only... but i think betta not drink da soup lor... a lot aji, drink plain water also full geh.. haha... got love, drink water also full one..

  4. seon said...
    many "rich ppl" also said sendiri miskin ge ma..
    so u mean u rich la?

  5. the pic is nice! but try to smile a bit..ppl giv money oso suang!

  6. gaylou : if rich de, no need everyday feed myself with maggie la...

    ah lian: wah, u lagi me as begger meh

    jackie: wen i really as begger u see me got smile or not ok...

  7. dun trust this fella, he must be pretending poor to trick his girlfriend so that she'll make no more pancake, wakaka

  8. ah neoh ar...u are exposing my plan dy la...aiyoh... nlm (-__-) mln

  9. neoh.. tat y seon write u goa goa in the nex blog!!
    if smile, i will giv more lo.. those sad sad jus pura-pura only...

  10. u see roger de la..more cute le..