Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This incident happened 7 years ago (2002), took place at my house at kampar. This was how it happened..

7 years ago, my kawan-kawan come to my place to scan some the school pictures for our school magazines. While I was busy scanning the pictures, 2 orang explore my room. Then they found my sister barbie doll, 2 of them are so excited.. they so 'bin tai' till make some bras n panties for the doll using some masking tapes.. The incident happened, when they play till nothing to play, they tried to put the doll into my school bag so i will bring the BARBIE DOLL to school (cause they successfully done once with other things before). While they try to stuck the doll into my bag, the doll's head come off and become like tis.

the head come out dy..

they used some masking tape 'again' to stick back the head but the neck shorten dy lo

FUCK , PUTUS dy...
(and my sister still nag me when she saw BARBIE DOLL...sigh~~~)


Suspect no.1

Suspect no.2

Perbuatan yang tidak perikemanusiaan....They still can laugh bout it, GOSH..

p/s: BEWARE of them when they handling your favourite toys, if not same faith like the barbie.. hope my sis's barbie can rest in peace now...


  1. Suspect no.2 spotted at Seri Kembangan...

  2. what is bukit aman police station number?

  3. wah..u all were form 5 right?? why u guys were still so childish one?? really nothing to play meh? so cham meh??

  4. eh.. i din involve in it la.. tat is weichong's production... 'tai yan, ngor mou ku ka'..
    wei chong so excited c ur barbie doll, mayb his mom dun let him play or buy 1 when he is small..

  5. haha..mean wc satu orang plot it??

  6. no, no.. both are the culprits!!! i was there when the murder occurred...

    seon, that day i was browsing thru my pictures in my laptop and i came across your sis' barbie pic (you sent to me last time).. i thought of posting it up.. mana tau u satu langkah leboh cepat daripada me.. haha

  7. hehe...pui yee, me tat day also browsing browsing, suddenly see this then quick quick post it lo.

  8. this case 7 years also didn't manage to arrest the murderers!!! where is the justice?? miss BARBIE 'sei ng ngan bei'... =p